About Us 

The Simple Press is an online publication run by students from around the world. We are dedicated to sharing everybody’s perspective, bringing unheard narratives into the mainstream media. 

Inspired by the words of eleven-year-old Naomi Wadler during the ‘March for our Lives’ rally in March 2018, our founder, Roberta Rhyse, realised that there was a pattern amongst instant news publications; only certain narratives and stories were shared- only certain voices were heard. 

Thus, Rhyse founded The Simple Press, August 2018 with, to quote Wadler, the aim to share the perspectives of those ‘whose stories do not make the front pages of every national newspaper, whose stories don’t lead on the evening news.’ 

Mission Statement 

The instant nature of modern news means that stories are over-simplified, with easy to digest labels and narratives that in the current political climate promotes misunderstanding: or, fake news. 

The Simple Press is a non-profit news and media outlet that aims to challenge the lack of fair representation in the modern media. We are particularly focused on combating gender inequality; as the UN Women’s Organisation identifies, the ‘one-dimensional’ portrayal of women in the ‘media can be a platform for the objectification of women and girls.’ 

Therefore, The Simple Press advocates a fair, inclusive, and ethical approach to journalism: simply because every story deserves to be told.