Pizza Places: Pizza Union

Pizza Places: Pizza Union

This is the first article in a series reviewing different pizza places around London. In an effort to find the most memorable slice and find a replacement for Koronet, the best pizzeria in New York, in our opinion, each restaurant will be ranked.

Pizza places are graded on the following criteria:

1. Aesthetics of the establishment

2. Cleanliness

3. Customer Service

4. Waiting Time

5. Price

6. Topping Selection

7. Taste

8. Crust

9. Side Options

10. Drink Selection

As you can tell, we at Simple Press take pizza pretty seriously and, quite frankly, you should too.

Aesthetics: 4.5/5

The Kings Cross restaurant is decorated with white, porcelain-like brick. It has a simple, modern layout; with the pizza oven and chefs visible over the counter. Neon signs and metal chairs make the place feel like it is straight out of the Urban Outfitters lifestyle section.


Cleanliness: 4/5

Pizza Union has an open, well-kept floor space. Although, there were leftover plates and cutlery on some of the tables; the tables are wooden, which add to the place’s hipster feel, but it seems less hygienic than metal tables.

Customer Service: 5/5

Not only are the staff incredibly accommodating, but the alternative options for those with gluten and dairy allergies were clearly sign-posted. They were incredibly polite and cleared the table soon after we finished- offering to wrap up leftover pizza.

Waiting Time: 4/5

We only waited about 15 minutes for our food. Upon ordering, we were given a buzzer that sounded when our pizza was ready. Though it should be noted we went to Pizza Union about 10 minutes after opening time and were basically their first customers- obviously. The wait may be longer at peak times.


Price: 5/5

Perhaps the best thing about this place, other than the pizza itself, is the price. A 12” margarita will only set you back £3.95 and those with toppings are around £5.50-6.50. For a whole pizza.

Topping Selection: 5/5

With 16 different pizza choices and the ability to add extra toppings/make your pizza gluten free, Pizza Union certainly delivers. They also provide chilli flakes~ the best topping ever~ mixed herbs and chilli oil on the table.


Taste: 4/5

Perhaps the most important measure of any pizza place is the taste. Pizza Union’s pies have a rich tomatoey base and are topped with a heap of stringy mozzarella. The pizza is not totally loaded with cheese and is not deep dish, which may upset some. However, the pepperoni is particularly delicious, especially with the chilli oil provided.


Now, the crust is not bad, it is just thin. Very Thin. And for that reason, it scores only a 3 as the place does not cater to thick-crust lovers.

Side Options:3/5

Sides are pretty limited; the restaurant offers olives, dips and breadsticks. So, if you were hoping for fries on the side, maybe get take-out and pick up some fries from the Five Guys down the road. However, Pizza Union does offer a trio of desserts: Sicilian Cannoli, Dolce Classico (a doughnut with Nutella) and Gelato.


Drink Selection: 5/5

They have cocktails for £3.50, you should pre-drink here even if you are not a pizza fan. Though, both the Bellini and Frozen Margarita are the perfect accompaniments to a 12” pizza. Pizza Union also has a wide selection of beer and soft drinks. But seriously, try the Bellini Classico.

Clearly, Pizza Union is a strong contender in our quest to replace Koronet. Its final score is 4.25.

Pizza Union can be found at Kings Cross, Dalston, Aldgate and Spitalfields. You can order takeaway or eat in, each restaurant opens at 11 am and closes at 11:30 pm- other than Kings Cross, which stays open till 12 am.

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