How to Survive Exam Season

How to Survive Exam Season

It's mid-April and students’ most feared season is in full spate.

While there is a great temptation to relax and watch the eagerly awaited new season of Game of Thrones, university demands are calling. To make your life easier and to enable you to return to the series longing for you, we compiled some hints and tricks on how to survive exam:

So first of all, we will spare you the “do not procrastinate, start right away” monologue.

Honestly, we all know we should have started x (insert your personal number) weeks ago, but as usual, the good intent to start earlier next time was just as procrastinated as the work itself. So here we are with some tips for succeeding last minute.

- If you are preparing for an exam, get an overview first. Visualise what exactly you have to learn, sometimes it appears to be more than it actually is.

- Reflect on the exam topics, which ones are you good at? Which ones need a bit more attention and which ones are absolute blanks?

- Sort every topic in of the three categories and then start with the ones requiring a bit more attention.

It is tempting to start with the easy ones first but on the ones that need a bit more work. If you start with the easy ones first, chances are that you're just keeping busy and minimalising your overall knowledge. Start with the topics you struggle with, use about 80% of your time for this, then 10% for a refresh of the easy ones and the last 10% for repeating your prepared material. This way you will have covered a good part of the topics coming up in the exam.

- If you are running late with your term paper, it is all about structure.

- First start off with a preliminary outline of your structure, for example, a table of contents. By visualising your plan, you will gain an insight into whether your structure actually makes sense.

- Then copy or type all of the ideas, points, quotes etc. you have already thought of into the perspective chapters, bullet points are enough.

You can do this while watching TV after a long day of writing or preparing something different, without having to engage your already tired brain too much, but still, making progress. This way you will also already have everything neatly prepared for the making of your term paper, you can focus on solely forming your bullet points into sentences and a continuous text without having to stop to think what you want to say next or to look up a quote.

- Lastly, provide yourself with great support.

It does not matter if that is chocolate, encouraging texts from your best friend, a tremendous pot of coffee or if you are more extravagant a whole cheerleading team. Surround yourself with small, non-distracting pleasant things to keep yourself going.

Remind yourself that in x (again insert here your personal number) days/weeks this will be done and in the past. And most importantly, believe in yourself. You can do it and you will rock it!

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