Sudan: Everything You Need to Know

Sudan: Everything You Need to Know

A summary of what's happened:

- Sudan's president accused of genocide, Omar al-Bashir, was ousted in April.

- Following his removal, protesters worked tirelessly to ensure another military government was not put in place.

- The protestors were met with force and violence from paramilitaries.

- Amnesty International reported 'up to 100 killings in Khartoum, with bodies dumped in River Nile'.

- Unicef's Executive Director Henrietta Fore has urged on the severity of the situation: 'We have received information that children are being detained, recruited to join the fighting and sexually abused'.

- Protestors are not able to aptly spread their cry for peace as: 'Sudanese authorities have extended an internet blackout into a second week.'

Why does this matter?

It may feel as though sharing something on social media, about a country miles away, doesn't really impact the situation. This feeling is wrong. There is currently an internet blackout in Sudan, so the only people keeping this story in the public eye are going to be those with access to the internet and social media, basically, everyone reading this article.

Speaking about these atrocious human rights violations won't put an immediate end to the rapes, murders and child abuse currently occurring. What it will do is put pressure on international bodies and governments to intervene and offer support to the innocent protestors and the public of Sudan.

How can you help?

- Share any information you can: check out @amnesty, @hadyouatsalaam and @yousraelbagir for a better explanation of what's happening.

- Click on the links, to support Unicef's and Amnesty's work.

- Sign the petition urging an investigation into the violence against protestors.

- Get informed: Complex, The Financial Times, The Independent and more have helpful articles further explaining the situation.

[Photo credit: @hafandhaf, click here for more illustrations.]

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