Update: Sudan

Update: Sudan

There is still a media blackout and severe human rights violations being committed in Sudan, now more than ever, it is important to draw attention to this story.

[In case you missed our article explaining everything that’s happened so far, click here.]

So, what’s happened in the last two weeks?

There is still a media blackout. Despite lawyer Abdel-Adheem Hassan winning a lawsuit against telecom operator Zain Sudan, ‘he is currently the only civilian in the country able to access the internet without resorting to complicated hacks’.

Not only does the media blackout, enforced by Sudan’s military rulers, breach civilians’ right to freedom of speech, it perverts the course of justice preventing the protestors efforts from gaining international attention.

The opposition to the military government has called for mass protests in an effort to hand power back to the people, since ‘the country's ruling generals rejected an Ethiopian proposal for a transitional government’ that promoted civilian rule over Sudan.

So, what’s being done?

While protests continue to be organised, more needs to be done by international powers to help aid civilians in any way possible. Though the U.S is reportedly considering sanctions if violence against protestors and civilians continues, no concrete solution has been put forward.

How can you help?

  • Continue to raise awareness in anyway possible, whether it be turning your Instagram icon blue is remembrance of Mohamed Hashim Mattar, who was killed during the massacre by military forces on June 3rd, or donating/sharing to organisations attempting to help civilians- even the smallest efforts go a long way.

  • Click on these links, to support Unicef's and Amnesty's work.

  • Sign the Change.org petition urging an investigation into the violence against protestors.

  • Stay informed. One of the best ways to help spread awareness is by understanding what you’re sharing. We are not the only news outlet reporting on what’s happening; click here to see reports from the BBC, Financial Times and Channel 4.

[Photo credit: @hafandhaf, click here for more illustrations.]

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